Want to model for Raw Exposure


The deal with TFP shoots..

Must be 18 or Older! with id at time of shoot!

At this time, I am accepting very LIMITED tfp. I mean, waaaay limited. Feel free to ask, the worst that can happen is I’ll pass. What I am interested in shooting is crazy concepts, raw, emotional, sexy, erotic, alt, scary, fierce, dark!  I like keeping a diverse portfolio and I like to explore my minds eye!

I have a no escort rule! So if you have to have an escort you have to pay my rates!

All TFP shoots require FULL IMPLIED NUDITY. If this is up your alley and your fearless, hit me up. (Don’t say Yes if your are uncomfortable with your body or don’t want the photos to be in put on the web) you may stay anonymous

If you can’t at least do this much nudity, then look into a paid shoot!

(I will not tag or use your real name, if asked! I prefer that you use a model name or go nameless!)


Come to me with a really cool idea! Something realistic! Don’t expect Ocean and dolphins in your bikini shoot; if you don’t have access to dolphins and your not flying me out to the ocean. BUT, something cool and different with a unique spin is appreciated!


You get a to see your web proofs for two weeks, 2 web edits of my choice 1000px on biggest side! If you want or have any more edits $15 for Normal edits & $25 for elaborate web edits. You can print from my print server any photo during those two weeks unedited or edited!

Model Submission